Mardi Gras Tableau Videography

-All video coverage of Tableaus are a $30.00 per hour charge, with a 4 hour minimum.

-Coverage of the after party is also available at the same charge.

-DVD orders are available to the krewe for $35.00 each. (order forms will be provided for free to each krewe upon booking)

-Krewes also have the option available to use online streaming instead of DVD’s for $20.00 per person. OR can provide both DVD’s and online streaming together.

Online Streaming Guidelines: When a krewe opts for the online streaming service, a person must follow the link provided to them via the order forms, create an account, and pay a ONE TIME $20.00 charge to view the video with unlimited access and will also have the ability to download the video to their home computer. (There is no fee for a krewe to choose the streaming service, only the $20.00 charge for those who decide to stream it).